GA based ENN (genetic algorithm based emotional neural network)

GA based ENN toolbox is used in the following paper,

Wind power forecasting using emotional neural networks, In Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC), 2014 IEEE International Conference on

Access link to the Paper:  

GA based ENN can be downloaded for using and improving in research pourposes. This toolbox consists of the following files:

1 emotionalNets.m
2 get_weightArray_x.m
3 initEnn.m
4 main.m
5 my_get_TraTes.m
6 myf2.m
7 randarr.m
8 set_weightArray_x.m
9 simEnn.m
10 ExampleDS.mat
11 Help
12 GA_based_ENN_forClassification folder that includes modified files for classification

GA-based ENN Toolbox

  Download the toolbox